Dante the Cook


Dante is the tavern keeper of The Last Chance Tavern. He is a abrasive and has a low tolerance for hooligans, gypsies and authority figures. He also harbors a small disdain for elves as they are usually pretentious and overly critical of his food. Dante also has a Created servant called Langastine that he uses to help him prep and defeat hooligans. Do not enter the kitchen of The Last Chance Tavern as those who do usually find themselves in the daily special.


Dante is an orphan and became an apprentice cook for the cook’s guild of Sargon at the age of four. He was a apprenticed for a decade and spent most of his days turn giant spits of whole hogs over giant fire. Once he as fourteen he was promoted to novice cook where he spent seven years perfecting his skills and cooking for the various nobility. After those seven years he had managed to work his way to the highest ranks of the cook’s guild and shortly there after left the guild as he felt he reached the pinnacle of his learning. Dante left Sargon and ventured into the frontier. The five years he spent in the frontier are a mystery but he reemerged when royal soldiers began to pioneer frontier town. He made a living cooking for the soldiers and frontiersmen until he earned enough to erect The Last Chance Tavern. Since those early days Last Chance has been an institution and Dante has been its humble keeper.

Dante the Cook

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