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The game takes place in the world of Mordavia. The boundaries of Mordavia are shrouded in mystery, and are surrounded by A’tul or “The Beyond”. A’tul is more commonly referred to as “the mist” by the common people. It surrounds the border of Mordavia in all directions, and is of unknown origin. They say those who venture into A’tul rarely return. There are many different stories of a time when the mist washed over the entirety of Mordavia. Many would say that the material world was boundless and the mist was imbued with magical power. This energy is the ever-present force of unlimited possibility. The most powerful beings who lived in those times are known far and wide as the Solomanari.

A great war is said to have arisen among the Solomanari. They divided into sects and fought one another for control. Details are scarce, but what is known is that somehow the Solomanari caused a catalyst of destruction across the Mordavia. The mists disappeared soon afterward, and the few Solomanari that survived the great war became mad with the great power they held.

Today, The Order of the Right Hand of Gebelises have proclaimed themselves the upholders, and defenders of law. They worship their creator Spirit Gebelises and defend the nobles who rule over the tax paying citizens. Above all, they hold a sacred vow of eradicating Necromancy from the face of Mordavia. The land is burgeoning with new life and The Order struggles to keep their rule in place, while rival factions and heroes are rising, bringing with them a wind of change across Mordavia.

Here are some guide-lines for players who have been invited into the campaign.

  • Don’t make any edit to the wiki without permission from the GM.
  • You can only get permission to edit anything on the website from the GM but not from the co-GMs.
  • If there is someone who abuses the website I can easily reverse any changes they made and boot said person.
  • Be respectful in terms of player secrets. We take keeping player secrets very seriously.

This is a live action role-playing game (LARP).

We are in the Louisiana/Mississippi area. Go to our website to check out the rule book and the forums for more information.

More reasons to go to Mordavia:

• Prepare to find yourself within compelling story-lines that are not as black and white as most would expect and which your decisions have a heavy impact on the outcome of the game world.

• We have hired a group of well trained mercenary cooks to prepare delicious restaurant quality
food at affordable prices.

• What we consider a single “session” or what we like to call an “episode” lasts for two whole
days! It is easily the most hardcore gaming experience one could ask for as you fight for your
survival either with or against other players.

• If you find yourself with nothing to do between “episodes” you can use our IPsystem to make your character craft items, research long lost knowledge, earn gold, or to even just interact with other PC and NPCs. You can also go on our in-play boards on our website and roleplay with other PC and NPCs.

• We have 8 unique races and 6 spell schools that each have unique strengths and weaknesses.
The most powerful spell school, Necromancy, is illegal and despised within the realm of
Mordavia and must be used secretly under fear of death. The Gypsy race(which look just like
humans) are heavily persecuted due to the fear of the curse they bare. Gypsys are officially not
protected by the Kings Law so it is very important they keep there identity secret.

• We have a unique combat system that allows melee characters to be more versatile than any other larp.

• We have a special department known as the “War Room” that supplies costumes for all of the
NPCs and monsters in Mordavia.

Check out our rulebook!

Mordavia LARP

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