In Mordavia, there are two kinds of Elves.  There are the Elves  as they see themselves, and then there are the Elves, how everyone else sees them.  As the self-proclaimed, ‘First’ Race, Elves consider themselves to be protectors and teachers of the lesser races, especially Humans. Elves considered Humans to be savages in ancient times. It was also the Elves which came to the aid of the Humans when many were enslaved by Demons.

Elves are naturally attuned to White Magic and are superb healers.  Elves usually had little to no propensity for war or violence. Most of the time Elves were not interested in conflict of any kind. Elves will stand up for themselves when attacked by Demons, Orcs, or Necromancy. The Elves assumed the role of overseer and caretaker of The World.

Elves are masterful weapon smiths, and are considered to be scholars without equal.  In general, Elves view themselves as inherently superior. Elves are often polite, but have the propensity to be perceived as arrogant, aloof, haughty, morally superior, sarcastic, or any combination thereof. Often elves do not understand the finer points of sarcasm or condescension.  Elves are often helping where they aren’t wanted, and always trying to give advice that isn’t needed.

Personality aside, Elves are also some of the most highly sought after ritualists in all of Mordavia.  The Order and military organizations often recruit Elves because of their exemplary combat healing.  Elves claim to have codified a great deal of ritual magic, and some even claim powerful knowledge in other Schools of Magic.


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